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5 CSS Text Animation: Enhance Website With CodePen Examples

Animations are an excellent way to add life and personality to your website. With CSS animations, you can make your website stand out and keep your visitors engaged. In this article, we’ll explore 5 CSS animations that can bring your website to life, including text animation CSS and font animation CSS. Also Checkout CSS Hover Effects.

1. Fade In/Out

The fade-in and-out animation is a classic animation that creates a subtle and elegant effect. The text gradually fades in, stays visible for a short time, and then fades out. You can adjust the duration of the animation, the easing function, and the number of iterations to customize the effect.

See the Pen Fade In & Out by Geek Buddies (@geekbuddies) on CodePen.

2. Zoom In/Out

The zoom-in/out animation is a fun and dynamic effect that makes your text appear to grow and shrink in size. This animation can be used to highlight important text, create a sense of movement, or simply add some visual interest.

See the Pen Zoom In/Out CSS Animation by Geek Buddies (@geekbuddies) on CodePen.

3. Text Color Change

Another simple but effective text animation is the Text Color Change. As the name suggests, this animation simply changes the color of your text over time. You can use this css text animation to highlight important text or create a visually striking effect. To implement this animation, you can use the following CSS:

See the Pen Text Color Change CSS Animation by Geek Buddies (@geekbuddies) on CodePen.

4. Falling Text Animation

Falling text animation is a great way to draw attention to specific text on your website. To create this css text animation, you can use the following code:

See the Pen Falling Text Animation by Geek Buddies (@geekbuddies) on CodePen.

5. Scrunchy Font Animation

Scrunchy font animation is a fun way to add some personality to your website. To create a font animation using CSS, you can use the following code:

See the Pen Scrunchy Font Animation by Geek Buddies (@geekbuddies) on CodePen.

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