Hack WiFi Password Using Wifiphisher in Termux

Are you interested in hacking WiFi passwords using your Android device? If so, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll show you wifi hacking tools for termux called Wifiphisher on Termux to Hack WiFi Password. This article will show you the simple steps of wifi hacking tools for termux.

Wifiphisher is a wifi hacking tool for termux that allows you to target and capture wireless networks by deploying a rogue access point, tricking users into connecting to it, and capturing the credentials. It works by creating a fake access point and directing users to a phishing page, where they enter their login details. Once you have obtained the credentials, you can connect to the real access point and start using the network.

While Wifiphisher can be a powerful tool for accessing WiFi networks, it’s important to note that using it to gain unauthorized access to someone else’s network is illegal and unethical. Additionally, attempting to hack into a secure network can lead to legal consequences, as well as damage to personal and professional relationships. It’s important to only use Wifiphisher for ethical and legal purposes, such as testing the security of your own network or for educational purposes. Always use caution and obtain permission before attempting to hack into any network.

Here’s how to use Wifiphisher on Termux to hack WiFi passwords:

Steps To Follow

1: Install Termux on your Android device.

2: Install the necessary packages by typing the following command in Termux:

pkg install python git

3: Clone the Wifiphisher repository by typing the following command in Termux:

git clone https://github.com/wifiphisher/wifiphisher.git

4: Change to the Wifiphisher directory by typing the following command:

cd wifiphisher

5: Install the necessary Python modules by typing the following command:

sudo python setup.py install

6: Start Wifiphisher by typing the following command:

sudo wifiphisher

7: Select the target WiFi network from the list of available networks.

8: Wait for the tool to deploy the rogue access point and for users to connect to it.

9: The phishing page will be displayed to users, prompting them to enter their login credentials.

10: Once the users enter their credentials, they will be redirected to the real access point and will be able to use the network.


In conclusion, Hack WiFi Password using Wifiphisher on Termux is a straightforward process, and anyone can do it with a bit of patience and technical know-how. However, always remember to use this tool ethically and legally.

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